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June 15, 2021

2020/2021 EOFY and Federal Budget

Whatever your situation may be, having the knowledge and the key facts in front of you is the first step towards improving your financial outcome. So we’ve put together a few EOFY & Federal Budget documents to help you understand your options and hopefully make some savings along the way.

Check out these documents below and don’t forget, if you have any further questions, you can always contact us.
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EOFY and Federal Budget – Key Changes

What Changes on July 1st

We’ve summarised the key 1 July 2021 changes and their implications

Federal Budget Update

Summary of the 2020-2021 Federal Budget and how it will affect you

Savings Through Super – Fact Sheets

Government Cocontribution

An Australian Government initiative to help you save more for your retirement

Insurance Through Super

Purchase insurance through your super and gain a tax benefit

Personal Contribution

Claim a tax deduction for your personal contributions to super

Split Contribution

Splitting contributions may enable you to build super with your spouse and reduce tax

Spouse Contributions

Contribute to your spouse’s super to receive a tax offset and build retirement savings

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