Brenton Ashbridge Senior Lending Specialist / Director

Brenton Ashbridge

Senior Lending Specialist / Director
Best New Broker - Better Business Awards 2019
Excellence - AFG Finalist 2020
Leading Loan Writer - Loanworx Awards 2020
Leading Loan Writer - Loanworx Awards 2021

What I do
Essentially, I help people to own property of any type & purpose. I also advise businesses on ways to manage debt & grow.

Providing mortgage broking and lending solutions is only a small part of what I do to help people with this. Most of the time, the loan itself isn’t the primary factor in assisting with property ownership (although it helps).

By working together with clients & understanding their main drivers for property ownership, we can plan the best strategy from the pre-purchase stage through to transferring the asset debt-free to the family when the time is right.

With my significant experience working with; first-home buyers, mums & dads, high-net-worth individuals, corporate institutions & land developers, I’ve got some excellent knowledge & tools that I enjoy sharing.

Why I do this
I’m a people person. Therefore, it was natural that I’d look to work in a field where I could combine my like for a chat with my weird brain for numbers.

It was only after two chance encounters that I decided lending would be my field of choice, and I haven’t looked back since.

The first was as an observer of a meeting, where a young couple was guided by a top-class lending specialist who was able to guide them to owning their first home. The excitement & sense of achievement that the clients expressed was palpable. It was fantastic! On the flip-side, I can remember a well-educated & high-income earning doctor who took on too much risk & ended up bankrupt. He’d been let down by the specialists he’d seen.

These encounters gave me a sense of responsibility & doing something good for people. Being part of good news stories & preventing sad news stories is a real buzz.

Who I am
I didn’t take growing up on the Bellarine Peninsula or the Surf Coast for granted. Having open spaces & the ability to spend hours in the surf regularly with my family & friends; you can’t put a price on that lifestyle.

However, I’m glad that my sense of adventure has led me to other experiences including travelling to all corners of the globe, including a long stint working in London where I met my partner, Sarah.

When not in Melbourne with our dog, Winston, we’re on a trip overseas or visiting our friends & family back on the coast; we hope to raise a family there someday.

2019 – Better Business Awards Finalist – Best New Broker
2020 – AFG Finalist – Best New Brokerage Business
2020 – Loanworx Awards – Leading Loan Writer
2021 – Loanworx Awards – Leading Loan Writer

Education, Memberships & Associations
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Financial Planning)
Diploma of Financial Services (Mortgage Broking Management)
Member of the MFAA
Authorised Credit Representative – Loanworx Group