Tyson Crotty AFP®- Senior Financial Adviser / Director

Tyson Crotty AFP®

Senior Financial Adviser / Director

What I do
Simply put, I help people to understand money so they can use it how they best see fit.

I find the best way to do this is to focus on what makes a person happy, which in most cases has nothing to do with money at all.

From there it’s relatively intuitive; map out the big picture objectives, discuss potential options to get there & work together regularly to conquer any steps or hurdles that you encounter along the way.

Providing financial advice, educating, coaching & giving people time back regarding their money is still really rewarding & often quite humbling, even after 15 years.

Why I do this
I had a great childhood; I rarely went without. If I wasn’t playing a competitive sport, I’d be at a fun, social event of some kind. I was even lucky enough to get a private education.

There is one person responsible for all of that; good old mum. Like a duck, Mum made everything above the surface look easy & fantastic, but it was only when I decided to take a closer look, that I realised how hard she was working & how many personal sacrifices she had made to get the financial side in order.

I wanted to learn as much as I could about money because she was spending her time & energy on everything else. I suppose it all stemmed from there.

Who I am
My first words were “Mum,” quickly followed by “put the music on”; it’s been on ever since. My character is always at its peak when there is music playing & I was so happy when it was quite apparent that my little boy Ned had adopted the same trait.

While we live in inner-city Melbourne, my wife Sallie & I have a beach home in Jan Juc. It’s fantastic to have our own little sanctuary & we try to take friends & family down there as often as we can. Our retirement plan is to live there permanently.

Until that time, I think it’s good to live every now & again for the moment. I love getting to gigs, restaurants & watching the Magpies at the ‘G. I can’t wait for Ned to get a bit older so he can come more often.

Education, Memberships & Associations
Bachelor of Finance
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Member of the Financial Planners Association
Tax Practitioners Board – Registered Tax Financial Adviser
SMSF Accredited
Authorised Representative – Millennium3 Financial Services