Tyson Crotty

Tyson Crotty

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April 2, 2019

A tale of starting a business

“Tell me about your endgame.” It’s a casual and less direct way of trying to find out what makes a person tick that we’ve used for years.

While a bit open-ended, it is a question with a lot of merits. It’s also less likely that a person would feel interrogated, or worse that they are dealing with someone who is socially inept due to questioning techniques like; “what is the point of what you are doing?” or “what are all your plans, actions, sacrifices, work, efforts actually for?”

endgame /ˈɛn(d)ɡeɪm/

The ultimate agenda or desired consequence of a planned series of events.
‘Many of the greatest masters have recommended that chess should be studied from the endgame.’

Everyone has an endgame, and I’m sure that all of us have caught ourselves in the odd daydream, maybe with a content look, as we think about what the ideal future may be.  When we ask the question, the answers are sometimes interesting, occasionally left-field, but always unique for obvious reasons.

It’s a privilege to have some contribution to how people go about targeting their lifestyle & financial goals.  We hope that our input has had some influence and aided them to at least be on the right track to what will make them happy and fulfilled.

Now, it’s all good to promote and help people to focus on the future, but it’s a bit shallow if you can’t practice what you preach.

While we’ve established some excellent groundings & experiences in some fantastic companies (top-tier, boutique, international) which have no doubt put us in good stead, continuing on the same path just wasn’t going to get us to our own endgames.

So, commenced our ‘planned series of events,’ one of which was to open a Financial Services firm which promoted our values & perspective on money; Finspective.

Our primary goal is simple; to help ourselves, our family, our friends & our clients achieve the endgame, whatever that is.

For the record, our endgames are pretty similar; finish up with our own little piece of Australia within walking distance to a beach and somewhere for our kids to always feel safe and welcome, the flexibility to work in our mid-50s if we choose to and enough income that we can enjoy some regular time locally or away with family & friends, hopefully, some of which were acquired & influenced from our efforts along the way.

Let’s do this!

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